8 Edition: Organizers Set For ‘ The Beatz Awards’

The founder and CEO of ‘The Beatz Awards’, Elijah John, while in a recent chat with Saturday Beats, revealed that the eighth edition of the music award will be held on 18th November, 2023, at the Muson Centre, Lagos.

He revealed that this year’s awards event has been tagged, ‘The Octave’ ,and as usual after revealing the nominees to the public, the ‘nominees’ party will be held ( Saturday, 28th October, 2023).

Speaking on their plans for the event, he revealed that the organizers of the show decided to create a unique category for the female music producers in the industry, just to showcase that we have talented women and they can still thrive in the industry dominated by the men.

He further revealed that there are other categories to be introduced later, but for now there are 25 categories with atleast five nominees in each of the categories. He called on sponsors, Industry opinion leaders, and all talents to see the need of coming together to aid the development of the music industry.

In his words;

“This year is very unique because there is a category that caters to female producers in Nigeria. We are championing girl power in the music space. This is the first of its kind in the industry and we have quite a number of female producers in this industry. We also want to be the first to push this narrative and also make sure that they are properly recognized as well.”

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“There are also other categories that we will introduce later on, but we will share them as we go on this journey. From inception, we have had the female disc jockey category, but not one for female producers.”

“There are 25 different categories and the minimum number of nominees in each of the categories is five. While the awards are now open to members of the public for their favourites, the selection process was rigorous because everybody shortlisted in each category is a winner. Opening the winner up to public voting is in a bid to try to include consumers of the music into the process.”

“We all have to come together in partnership to make sure that we move the narrative forward in making sure that the Nigerian music scene is great today because the institutions are right. Both the music producers and the artistes have to come together and grow. Global attention is good, but we must keep developing.” He said.

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin is a Nigerian Journalist and Entertainer. Former reporter Daily Champion Newspaper Lagos. Paternal SO: Enugu State Maternal SO: Anambra State

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