Aisha Yesufu Reveals Why She Rejected To Be A Member Of Peter Obi’s Presidential Campaign Council

Notable Nigerian activist and convener of Bring-back-our-girls, Aisha Yesufu has amid her clash with some members of the Obidient family, revealed that she declined to be a member of the Labour Party (LP) presidential campaign council for the 2023 election.

Aisha Yesufu made the disclosure through her Twitter handle following her clash with a staunch supporter of Peter Obi’s presidential ambition, David Hundeyin. David Hundeyin, an award winning investigative journalist has been bantering words with Aisha Yesufu on Twitter over her support for Rinu Oduala. Rinu Oduala who came to limelight through the 2020 EndSARS protest against police brutality pitched herself against some members of the Obidient movement when she directed a question to Peter Obi on how he plans to end Police brutality in Nigeria if he is eventually elected president.

Her question was thereafter construed by some supporters of Peter Obi as a drawback and irrelevant especially as Peter Obi had in his several interviews, revealed his plan for Nigeria Police reformation. Aisha Yesufu who is also a supporter of Peter Obi while intervening in the argument, urged the Obidients to stop attacking Rinu Oduala noting that it is her right to interrogate Peter Obi who seeks the office of the citizen. Her intervention and support for Rinu Oduala resulted in her clash with David Hundeyin who accused her of pretence and being a staunch supporter of president Muhammadu Buhari. In her reaction, Aisha Yesufu described David Hundeyin as unprofessional journalist who only knows how to tarnish people’s reputation through unfounded malicious publications.

Speaking further, Alisha Yesufu stated that her reason for refusing to be member of the Labour Party (LP) Presidential Campaign Council is because her loyalty is to Nigeria and not to any political party or politician. According to her, she is resolved to holding Nigerian public office holders accountable irrespective of her Political preference for Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

“When was I made a Labour party PCC member? I see how that is being thrown all around. I am not a labour party member neither am I on their list.
I have made it categorically clear I am a citizen. I am not holding any position nor on any list.
I don’t do appointments!” She tweeted.

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