Video: Watch Yul Edochie’s New Movie Peter Obi In Which He Mimicked Obi

Amid his soaring presidential ambition, Peter Obi’s personality has been satirized in a new movie produced by notable Nigerian movie producer and actor, Yul Edochie.

The movie which is trending currently on Nigeria’s social media space portrays Peter Obi’s frugality and thrift nature. His governorship administration in Anambra State is also well portrayed in the movie.

Another notable intrigue embedded to the movie is Peter Obi’s wife dissatisfaction towards his thrift nature. She is constantly criticizing her husband over his sense of frugality despite his being stupendously wealthy.

The public opinion places him as the best performing governor of his state whose accomplishment has remained indelible in the mind of the residents of his state. Consequently, he is perceived widely as the most competent person to salvage his country from decades of misrule.

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