Video: Man Unleashes His Frustration Over Naira And Fuel Scarcity On A Masquerade In Lagos

The Reliant News has obtained a video of a Nigerian man brutalizing a masquerade on the street of Lagos.

According to accounts on social media, the aggrieved man was reportedly, amid Nigeria’s dire economic condition worsened by the raging naira notes and fuel scarcity, accosted by the masquerade who demanded money from him. Irked by such an act from the masquerade, he dared the masquerade to do its worst as he wouldn’t give it any money.

Consequently, the masquerade whipped him with the cane it held in its hand. Expectantly, the young man in the video decided to retaliate by using his fists to temper justice by himself.

Masquerades of these kind are usually spotted on the streets of Lagos begging for alms. In most cases, they compel passersby to give them money by threatening to whip them should they refuse.  This trend has incessantly resulted in a conflict which sometimes ended bloody.

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