A Few Days After Divorcing His Wife, Actor Bolanle Ninolowo Cries Out, Reveals His Ordeal

A few days after announcing that himself and his ex-wife have divorced, actor Bolanle Ninolowo appears to be finding life difficult as his recent social media post suggest.

The actor in a very lengthy post on Instagram, revealed that people are oblivious to what he went through and also going through in his life. And noted that God’s grace and his disposition towards his problems, have kept him.

“It takes absolute strength, patience, perseverance, wisdom and Gods grace! The world has no clue what i been tru and going tru. I only chose different. I turn my pain and suffer to motivation. I sewed my goals and objectives to the very fiber of my being so that the overall objective becomes inseparable from who i was”, he wrote

“The big picture is always bigger than the present. It takes wisdom”.

Referring to his children, he said they will certainly realize the truth maybe about his unrecognizable difference with his ex-wife as they mature.  He further insinuated that he will remain sincere and upright in his dealings as that is the only way God will vindicate him.

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“The kids will turn to children, and some day to adults. There are simply no lies in any truth. The truth will some day prevail. Until then, you leave your pain to God. Only he will vindicate at he’s appointed time. One with a true and clear mind that God can see and judge has no business worrying about what MAN can do! God will never forsake the truth. It might take time but there is no destination without a journey.”

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