Actor Charles Inojie Gives Stunning Reason His Father Does Not Receive Money Or Other Gift From Him

Comic actor and producer, Charles Inojie has briefly highlighted his turbulent life experiences especially while he was growing up.

The actor revealed that he was raised by his grandfather after his mother abandoned him to fate at his childhood.  According to him, he was also neglected and abandoned by his father who now feels disappointed in himself.

Charles Inojie revealed that at his reuniting with his father, he was so remorseful for his actions and resorted to crying as himself also cried.

He stated that the gift items as well as money he offered to him was rejected because he believes that he had contributed nothing to his son’s success therefore, does not deserve such a gift from him.

“I met him and we sat for close to thirty minutes, nobody talked. I was crying, he was crying. I said ‘I have to start going but that I am now out of school. My first work, they said Papa must pray for his child’.

“I bought a drink and put N5000 in an envelop and asked that he prays for me and he said he wasn’t going to touch it and that his conscience will not let him having not contributed a dime.”

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