Actor Stan Eze Explains Why He Was Angry And Sad During His Wedding Anniversary With Jessica Obasi

Popular Nigerian actor, Stan Eze who marked his wedding anniversary on September 14th, sparked up rumour by his mien in the video his wife, Blessing Jessica Obasi shared.

According to some of his followers who reacted to his unhappy mood in the video, the actor appears to be tired of his marriage to his fellow film maker,  Blessing Jessica Obasi. Some suggested that the actor might have lost his affection for his wife who is older than he is.

However, Stan Eze has now explained that his unhappy mood as evident in the video resulted from an argument he had with his wife, Jessica Obasi before their thanks giving outing.

His wife had explained that the actor was not sad nor angry but rather emotional; an explanation Stan Eze has now revealed to be untrue. He explained that he couldn’t pretend to be happy by wearing happy mien.

Speaking on TVC’s Black Table, Stan Eze said: “The times me and my wife have had like some fall out is because you know you dey vex, I dey vex, I no gree today.

“On our anniversary day, we went to church without….we weren’t talking. We got to church and apparently we had a community of fans who came with money cakes, tray of foods outside yeh church. Me I was saying I am late, I wasn’t in the mood. She posted the video and I couldn’t fake it, I wasn’t happy. My wife pretended that I was emotional but the truth is we weren’t talking”.

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