After Exposing Tinubu’s Drug Cases In US, David Hundeyin Reveals What He Would Do If He Got N200 Million From Tinubu

Nigerian Investigative journalist, David Hundeyin who exposed Bola Ahmed Tinubu drug money forfeiture trial in United States of America, has reacted to a question on whether he would support the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate if he got 200 million Naira inducement from him.

Recall that David Hundeyin publicized Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s court trial by an Illinois Northern District Court on the 10th of April, 1993. Records show that the presiding judge,  John A. Nordberg ruled that Bola Tinubu forfeit four hundred and sixty thousand US dollars in a First Heritage Bank which bore Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s name to the United States Government.

Interestingly, while responding to a question if he would support Bola Ahmed Tinubu should he be given a 200 million Naira bribe from the APC’s presidential candidate, his response was: “A more important question is “Would I live long enough to spend it?”

“Because I think part of the behavioural pathology that afflicts Nigeria is the inability to visualise the future once somebody wafts money in front of your nose.It’s just money. I won’t die if I don’t take it”


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