Aisha Yesufu Raises Alarm, Says Peter Obi Is Allowing Himself To Be Set Up

Foremost Nigerian activist for good governance and convener of Bring-back-our-girls, Aisha Yesufu has informed the presidential candidate of the Labour party, Peter Obi that he is making himself vulnerable to the plots of his Political opponents.

Aisha Yesufu through her Twitter handle, enjoined Peter Obi to learn from the 2020 EndSARS protest against police brutality in Nigeria.

She offered the appeal after Peter Obi on Sunday, appealed to his supporters to restrict from attacking those who oppose their views or hold contrary Political views to theirs. While reacting to Peter Obi’s appeal to his supporters, Aisha Yesufu noted that Peter Obi is taken responsibility for actions that might not have been undertaken by his supporters.

She added that people could be hired to cyber-bully people online while disguising as Peter Obi’s supporters with the aim to de-market his candidature.

“Peter Obi @PeterObi is allowing himself to be set up! Just like they did with #EndSars protesters, they will unleash violence & say it was his followers.I might not be in politics but I have been at the receiving end of the violent tactics from the establishment”

“What he doesn’t get is that he is being set up! They will carry the same thugs they used to attack #EndSars protesters and destroy towns give them T-shirts with his picture and say they are his supporters. They will then be turning people against him.They did that with #EndSars”, she tweeted.


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