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American Rapper, Drake Claims Being A Nigerian, Explains His Nigerian Root

Popular American singer, Aubrey Drake Graham also known Drake has caused some stirs online with his revelation of his Nigerian link.

The music rapper through his Instagram handle, explained that a recent ancestry test by his family, established that he has Nigeria root.

The musician while sharing his father’s ancestry result on social media, disclosed that he is 30% Nigerian. He made the disclosure on Sunday, May 7th through his Instagram account.

He wrote, “This is my dad’s results, does this mean I’m a Naija man finally?.”

Drake joins host of other global superstars who have openly claimed their ancestors were Nigerians. SZA, Diddy, Beyonce, Rihanna have all claimed having Nigeria root.

Recall that late last year, Rihanna disclosed that her ancestors were Igbos. According to the music superstar, she specifically mentioned Igbo because Nigeria wasn’t existing at the time of her ancestors departed from Igbo land.

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