Amid Fuel Subsidy Removal, Gov Hope Uzodinma Increases Minimum Wage In Imo

Amidst fuel Subsidy removal, the governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, while addressing the state executive council on Saturday, 15th July, announced that there will be an increment in the minimum wage of workers in the state.

He stated that the decision is hinged on the impact of fuel Subsidy removal in the nations economy. Considering the high cost of things in the country and to make things easier for civil servants in the state, his administration came up with the decision.

He further revealed that farmers and business owners will not be left out, as he pledged that his administration will give out soft loans to business owners, provide seedlings, fertilizer and tools to qualified farmers in the state.

Part of the statement reads;

“There shall be an immediate upward review of the salaries and wages of workers in the state. The minimum wage is hereby raised to forty thousand naira (N40,000) with discretionary consequential adjustments.

At least, your salaries would be able not only to take you home, but to also provide your basic necessities to enable you to make ends meet.

Apart from the free transport which the workers are already enjoying, I shall increase the fleet of buses carrying workers to and from work with ten more new buses. This is to ensure every nook and cranny of the state capital is captured in the routes that the buses ply, to bring the service closest to the doorsteps of every worker.

Also, plans have reached advanced level to recalibrate the tax system in Imo state, with Governor Uzodimma hinting that those who earn below N100,000 annually are likely going to be yanked off the State’s tax net.

I have discovered, with pain, how some traders are taking advantage of the economic situation to increase the prices of food items in the market”. It reads.

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