An old video shows moment Yorubas Appealed to Igbos to return to Lagos after Biafra civil war

The Nigeria-Biafra civil war was the closest to Nigeria’s disintegration. The war which started in 1967 lasted for more than three years, and birthed a now defunct Biafra nation.

The defunct Biafra nation is located in the southeastern  part of Nigeria, covering some part of south southern, and north central Nigeria. The defunct nation was predominantly made up of Igbo-speaking people amid other languages spoken by the minority groups in the union.

As the war raged, people who hailed from the Biafra nation were forced to return to their ancestral territories at the expense of their hitherto residences across Nigeria. The Igbos whose entrepreneurial nature took to different parts of the country, abandoned their businesses and host communities to return to their ancestral homes.

However, at the end of the civil war in 1970, the then military ruler of Nigeria, General Yakubu Gowon (rtd) declared that there were no victor and vanquish from the war. His military government thereafter introduce policies to ameliorate the maladies of the armed conflict. The policies were summed up as: 3Rs – Reconciliation, Reconstruction, and Rehabilitation.

The Nigeria state is still grappling with secessionist agitations in the country as the Biafra wave and movement for its restoration, remain strong among the people of the hitherto Biafra nation.

The video below shows moment Yorubas appealed to the Igbos at the end of the Biafra civil war, to return to Lagos.

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