Angry Senators Confront Senate President Godswill Akpabio For Passing Bills Without Their Contribution And Votes

A few members of the Nigeria Senate Assembly, have confronted the present senate President of Nigeria, Godswill Akpabio for allegedly passing bills without following due process.

In a video obtained by the Reliant News, senator Ali Ndume reminded the Senate President that the Nigeria’s constitution requires that a bill must receive two-third majority of votes before it passed into law. He explained further every bill passed is expected to have received two-third of votes by the senators present during a senate session.

In supporting Ali Ndume’s statement, another senator accused Akpabio of hastily passing bills without seeking the contribution as well as votes of the members of the Senate. He argued that such an anomaly is not right for Nigerians and that history might not be fair to the Senate president.

“You are just passing bills without prior notification. Even money  bills, you just pass them without anyone’s contribution and within 2 hours, this is not good for Nigeria and history will judge you”.

Watch video:

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