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Angry Sweepers Litter Governor’s Office With Garbage Over Four-Month Unpaid N10,000 Salary

A sad story that has become a reoccurring practice by those at the corridor of power. Negligence of responsibility whether deliberate disregard of the sanctity of the lives of those who actually matter but appear not so in the sight of those in governance.

The video attached below elicits not just pity but a typical satire of dwindling value of  human live in the sight of those bestowed with authority to making life bearable for their citizens.

Road sweepers employed by the Cross River State government decided to pursue justice in the best way they thought right and within their reach. In an interview with the Vanguard newspaper, these sweepers, disarmed by the state government who owe them four-month salary of ten thousand Naira without as much as a satisfactory explanation or attention to the plight, decided to litter the governor’s office with garbages.

It was a means to make their voice heard and express their destitution, which their paymaster might be disinterested in, unwilling to palliative the suffering of those who they had promised of doing so during election campaigns.

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