Arrested Pen!s Thieves Joshua Yonana And Birtus Narrate How They Use Juju To Steal Manhood

Two arrested self-confessed pen!s thieves at Sabon Garin Nabardo, Toro LGA of Bauchi State, Joshua Yonana and Birtus have narrated to newsmen how they stole pen!ses through exchanging handshake with targets.

Joshua Yonana and Birtus had stolen the pen!s of one Mr. Usman Sale at Sabon Garin Nabardo in Toro LGA, Bauchi state. They were arrested by mob at the scene before being handed to the police.

In his confession, Joshua Yonana revealed that he stole the victim’s pen1s and passed it to his colleague, Birtus who then delivered it to their boss, Yonana Abubaka. He explained that they apply charms on their hands and by handshaking  their target, the pen!s of the target will be stolen.

In his words: “I  shook hands with the victim in Nabardo and stole his penis. When I stole the penis, I handed it over to my colleague, Birtus, for onward delivery to our boss, Yonana”.

Speaking on the possibility of the stolen manhood being restored to the owner, he said their boss, who was capable of doing so, had died. He had died while trying to escape after being captured by hunters who requested he restore the stolen manhood. He had given them a specific time to restore the stolen manhood but attempted escaping before the said time which resulted in a hunter hitting his head with an object to prevent him from escaping. He thereafter died.

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“I don’t know what our boss did with the stolen penis because this is my first time to take part in such an incident. They didn’t tell me how much I will be paid for each penis and this is my first experience and the only penis I have stolen. The most unfortunate thing now is that the person who has the spiritual power to restore the penis is dead,” Yonana said

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