Alhaji Asari Dokubo has countered the narrative that Rivers State in the south-south geographical zone of the Nigeria’s federation, is not an Igbo land.

In a viral video, the former Niger Delta militant leader lashed at those who claim to be Ikwere and Ijaw but denying their Igbo root. He argued that 80% of the Rivers State is Igbo land and that for political reasons, indigenes of the state with Igbo root are bent on altering their Igbo heritage to further align politically.

In his words: “It might not be wrong for me to say that 80% of Rivers State land is Igboland; nobody can deny it. Yes, people see me as an Ijaw man, which I identify with, but the truth is that I am an Igbo man from Abam in Abia State, like many other people in Ijaw land today.

“I don’t understand why some Ikwerre people keep denying their Igbo identity when it is clear to everyone that all Ikwerre are Igbo. There is nothing Benin about them. If they like, they can keep on changing their names, but they can’t remove Igbo from their names completely.

“Ezewuwo, not Obawuwo—Eze is an Igbo word. I don’t know how they changed the other part to wuwo, but they can’t change Eze. It is a shame for a group of grown-up people to be living in lies, deceiving themselves that they are not Igbo. But the truth is that inside, they know that they are Igbo; there’s no doubt about it.

“Ikwerre people of Rivers State are Igbos. Rivers State is also Igbo land”.

By Sunabel

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