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“Asari Dokubo Only Bathes Twice A Year”, Barrister Austin Nwabufo Alleges, Gives Reason

A Twitter user, Austin Nwabufo @AustinNwabufo alleges through his Twitter handle that popular Niger-delta activist and ex-leader of the Niger-delta People’s Volunteer Force, Asari Dokubo only bathes twice in a year.

According to Barrister Austin Nwabufo, the controversial former Niger-delta militant has for years maintained the routine of bathing just twice a year due to his diabolical way of life. He explained that Asari’s one of the ways of sustaining the lifeline of his charms is by abstaining from bathing as such would weaken the efficacy of his charms better known as juju in Nigeria’s parlance.

He further claimed that Asari Dokubo is able to control the odour that come in consequence of his lack of regular bath by constantly making use of expensive perfumes.


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