Asari Dokubo Threatens President Bola Tinubu For Disappointing Him, Says He Is Traveling On A Dangerous Path (Video)

Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asaro Dokubo has criticized president Bola Ahmed Tinubu for shutting the door against him after winning the February 25, 2023 presidential election.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Asari Dokubo claims that he is being mocked over his abandonment by the president despite his support for him prior to his presidential victory.

He warned that the president is threading on a dangerous path which might be counterproductive to him and his administration.

He warned the president over traveling on dangerous path as he tries to emulate former president Muhammadu Buhari ‘s nepotism and negligence of the federal character. According to him, president Tinubu has shielded himself from his genuine supporters with those who did not believe in him and his presidential ambition. He said such category of people are benefiting from the president and taking decisions at the expense of those who genuinely supported his presidential ambition.

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