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Bodyguard K!lls Ugandan Labour Minister Over Nonpayment of Wages


Uganda’s Minister of State for Gender and Labour, Charles Okello Engola has been shot dead by his bodyguard.

According to report, the deceased was killed by his military bodyguard on Tuesday while he was entering his car to go to work.

The bodyguard is reported to have committed suicide after the sad event.

According to Uganda police spokesman, Fred Enanga, said this happened as the deceased was entering his vehicle to go to work.

“The shooting was done by one of the minister’s bodyguards who also fired several shots at close range. The shooter then fled the scene to the trading centre at Kyanja Ring Road where he entered a salon and shot himself,” Enanga said.

The police spokesman said investigations had commenced, adding: “We have dispatched crime scene experts who will use advanced technology to determine what exactly the cause of the murder was.”


Eyewitnesses said the soldier had complained about non-payment of his wages and mistreatment before he shot himself.


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