Bola Tinubu’s Biological Children And Spouses

Seyi Tinubu and Folasade are most known children of Bola Ahmed Tinubu but not actually his only children.

Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos State has remained politically relevant since the country’s return to democracy in 1999 and is a frontline presidential candidate for the 2023 presidential election.

Folasade Mujidat Tinubu, Tinubu’s first daughter, succeeded Abibatu Mogaji as the Iyaloja general of Lagos. It is also said that she inherited Abibatu Mogaji’s assets who also pleaded with other Iyalojas to accept Folasade as the new Iyaloja general.

Seyi Tinubu is a lawyer though not practicing but he has made a name for himself in the field of entrepreneurship. Reports have it that he is responsible for outdoor advertising, a monopoly he enjoys from the Lagos State Government.

Seyi Tinubu’s mother whose name is not given, was a prominent Prophetess in the Celestial Church of Christ.

Remi Tinubu, Bola Tinubu’s wife has two daughters and a son with Tinubu; daughters whose names are Habibat Tinubu and Zainab Tinubu; and the boy, Olayinka Tinubu.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu also had other children who were reportedly had other children out of wedlock who according to reports, have not been admitted into his family nor their paternal link to Bola Ahmed Tinubu acknowledged.


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