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Bride Reveals Why She Used Old Women As Her Friends Of Honour “Asoebi”

A bride’s wedding has gone viral on TikTok  over her choice of friends of honour popularly known as “Asoebi” in Nigeria parlance.

The bride’s friends of honour comprises aged women incapable of walking around unaided by their walking sticks.

In the trending video online, the aged women are seen joyously dancing alongside with the bride and other guests.

The reactions that trailed such a strange but beautiful initiative are of corresponding momentum as the said video. Many suggested that the said bride might be wary of  younger friends of honour so as not to snatch her groom from her.

Meanwhile, some commenters praised the woman for her decision to use old women instead of the usual younger ladies.


Reacting to the video,  @neliose20 commented, “So much wisdom here. Bless them.”

@sxollykaseh, jokingly said: “We need u in heaven’s door, u surely can also convince God to take all of us in. I know this crew is hard to convince.”

And @godschild0nly, thanked the Bride for showing the elderly women soooo much love. Her comment reads: “Thank you for showing them love. Normally they get pushed to the back during events. You let them shine. Your marriage is blessed.”

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