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Buses Evacuating Nigerian Students From Warring Sudan To Egypt Abandon Them In Desert, Drivers Claim Nigerian Government Did Not Pay Them( Video)

The Ministry of foreign affairs claim to have expended more than one million dollars on evacuating Nigerian students trapped in warring Sudan.

The outrageous amount the ministry claimed to have used in the said evacuation of the students to neighbouring North-African country, Egypt, triggered sarcastic reactions from Nigerians. A section of those critical of the report by the ministry, accused the Buhari led administration of leveraging every mishap on Nigeria or Nigerians as an avenue for looting funds.

Sadly, a disturbing video in circulation on Twitter shows some of those Nigerian students reportedly being conveyed to Egypt, abandoned in Sahara desert by their respective bus-drivers.

An unnamed lady who spoke over the video, claimed that the bus-drivers were protesting against their unpaid services. According to her, they would not continue the journey until they were paid by the Nigerian government. Consequently, at the point when the stranded students who lamented over lack of food and money, sent the SOS, they had spent more than four hours in Sahara desert.


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