Chacha Eke Speaks On Returning To Her Marriage A Few Months Separating From Her Husband

In June, popular actress, Chacha Eke announced that she has separated from her husband, Austin Faani with whom she has four children.

In a lengthy post she made on her social media accounts, the actress claimed that she either left her marriage alive or died in it. According to her, she was living a lie and pretended that all was well in her marriage.

At the time of her marriage saga, the actresss’ embattled husband, Austin Faani neither confirmed nor debunked any of the claims by his erstwhile wife which suggested that she might have been physically abused by him.

Interestingly, Chacha Eke in an Instagram live session with her fans today, discussed the likelihood of her returning to her marriage. She revealed that she is at present suffering from bipolar disorder; a metal condition which makes an individual frequently battling with mood swings which may result in depression.

She disclosed further that she has not removed her husband’s name from her social media accounts’ name because it is right not to do so. She explained when asked if she would return to her husband that she would do so if the opportunity comes.

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