Controversial Lady, Chioma Egodi Apologizes To Erico Food, Reveals Her Hidden Motive For Lying About Nagiko Tomato

Chioma Egodi Apologizes: a controversial Nigerian lady, Chioma Egodi who in her controversial review of Erisco tomato which she shared on her social media handle, alleged that there was “too much sugar” in the tomato, has apologized publicly.

In a letter she shared on her Facebook page, Chioma Egodi expressed her unreserved apology to the chairman of Erisco food who had threatened her with five billion Naira libel suit should she fail to retract her tarnishing review on Nagiko tomato.

In her letter, Chioma Egodi revealed that she lied in her viral negative review on the Nagiko tomato and that her apology is not born out of compulsion.

She write: ‘I sincerely wish to apologize to Erisco Foods Limited on the post I made on Facebook about their product Nagiko Tomotoes mix.

“I am truly sorry Sir. I am sorry for the lies concerning the product. I am truly sorry Sir.

“I regret my actions and wish to be forgiven.
I pledge that this type of bad behaviour will never happen again.

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“I undertake to retract all my earlier post on this matter immediately, this is without compulsion.
I will do anything within my power to rectify all the things I did wrong concerning this matter.

“Once again I’m very sorry for the damage done to the company, it’s costumers and the general public”.

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