Don’t Think I am On Same Side With You– Aisha Yesufu Tells Obidients, Gives Reason

Prominent Nigerian activist and convener of Bring-back-our-girls, Aisha Yesufu has lashed at a zealot supporter of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

The activist who has been canvassing support for Mr. Peter Obi, explained that her loyalty is not to a specific presidential candidate or public servant. According to her, she supports whomever she believes is the most competent to reposition Nigeria on the path of recovery.

She further declared that she will be at the forefront of those who will hold Peter Obi accountable if elected despite her support for his election as the president of Nigeria in 2023.

“Don’t go thinking you and I are on the same side. No, we are not. I am for Nigeria and any person that is seeking to be voted or has been voted i will hold accountable and criticise. End of discussion!”

She added that her support of Peter Obi does not imply that she will not criticize his government if he is eventually elected by Nigerians.

“Just so we are clear, my number one job is to criticise Peter Obi’s @PeterObi every move that needs to be criticised. The second is to support him to win election.
My loyalty is to Nigeria not Peter Obi. I just need someone that can work for Nigeria.
Don’t get it mixed up!”


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