EndSARS Convener, Segun Awosanya Speaks On Who Should Be Nigeria’s Next President

Self-acclaimed convener of ENDSARS protest against police brutality in Nigeria, Segun Awosanya has appealed to Nigerians not to make mistake similar to that of their choice in the 2015 presidential election.

He urged Nigerians through his Twitter handle to avoid being swayed by sentiment and blind choices. He explained that a leadership with a prepared plan and objectives is needed at the national level to rout insecurity currently plaguing Nigerians.

“None of the Candidates have been President before (the closest is the former VP), so you can’t know who can deliver based on any antecedent given the country’s dire situation. Your best bet is to consider the feasibility & viability of their plans in the real sense.

“It is not about sentiments, presumption, speculation or idolatry but about preparedness, capability, capacity, competency, character and clarity. But this can only mean something if anything was learnt in 2015. Some just want to repeat the failure with their bigotry”.

While reacting to a comment that suggested that the presidential candidate of the Labour party, Peter Obi is the only candidate capable of rescuing Nigeria from its current dire state, Segun Awosanya argued that Peter Obi is not the only competent presidential candidate.

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“There is nothing like ONLY. There are many reasonable candidates out there objectively”.


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