Fact-Check: Did Peter Obi Indeed Demolish a Mosque in Anambra?

Alleged demolition claim by Twitter user, Quadri Akanbi Eleyi

Fact-check: Did Peter Obi indeed demolish a mosque in Anambra

Controversies surrounding the efficiency of Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, during his tenure as Anambra State Governor had taken another dimension last month when a Tweeter user, Qudus Akanbi Eleyi, claimed Obi demolished a mosque at Anambra State.

Quadri had collated photographs of the alleged demolition with a caption geared towards stirring reaction from the northerners.

“Northerners will never forget Peter Obi for demolishing their mosque in Anambara. When he was a governor.

“Hausa, Fulani and Northerners can forgive Peter Obi for pursuing them out of Anambra but I’m not sure they can forgive him for demolishing their Mosque. They will never 4give” Quadri had tweeted.

His claim has, however, been proven false by popular fact-checking agency, Dubawa, following thorough review of each photographs.

Dubawa has, earlier today, debunked the allegation as they analyzed each photographs in a thread.

“This tweet is false ❌. None of these 4 pictures is from Anambra State and the images have nothing to do with the northerners or Hausa-Fulani Muslims residing in Anambra State. Follow this thread as we fact-check the pictures.” The fact-checking agency had tweeted.

The first picture, which showed Obi collaged with the remains of a demolished mosque, was traced back to 2009 bombing of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz mosque in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, by Israeli armed forces.

Using Google Reverse, Dubawa traced back the second picture showing people loitering around rubbles to a report on sanction.org.

The Social action team were reported to have visited Obidianso Waterside Community in Port-Harcourt which was demolished by Rivers state government in 2018.

The third image, according to Dubawa, was extracted from a news report on Vanguard newspaper earlier this year.

Poised by Quadri to depict the dejected Muslims whose mosque was allegedly demolished, the picture was actually the 98 scavengers arrested for theft by Abuja Police Command.

Meanwhile, the last image appeared to be the one used to depict alleged demolition of mosque by Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, back in 2019.

Neither the demolition of mosque by Wike in Port-Harcourt nor the demolition of mosque by Peter Obi in Anambra were true.


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