Fear As Mr. Ibu’s Wife Tearfully Raises Alarm Over Him In A Video

Wife of veteran comic actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu has created tension over the wellness of the actor.

Mr. Ibu who has been grappling with health issues had in several interviews revealed that he had been poisoned more than twice by his trusted allies. Despite surviving from the poisoning, the actor has never looked hale and hearty afterwards.

In a video the wife of veteran comic actor shared on her social media account, she tearfully sang songs which suggest that her husband might have fallen illl again. Her song implies that God who has the authority over death and life,  should intervene on her husband’s illness.

Previously, it was speculated that the actor had died when he reportedly suffered poisoning which left his stomach protruded. In his testimony after he recovered from the said poisoning, Mr. Ibu confirmed that his sickness was critical and required God’s intervention for him to survive.

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