Former President, Muhammadu Buhari Recounts His Painful Ordeal As A Nigerian

Months after stepping down for the incumbent president of the country, after 2023 general election, Former President, Muhammadu Buhari in a recent interview aired on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), on Monday, 20th November, recounts his painful ordeal before becoming the president in 2015, after losing thrice in presidential elections.

According to Buhari, due to his social and financial status in 2003, 2007 and 2011,when he contesting for presidency and was loosing, it was very difficult for him to attract support from influential individuals in the country.

He pegged this to the love for materialism and eye service by Nigerians, who is always interested to assist people after considering what they will gain in return.

The former president opined that, Most Nigerians get too impressed by wealth, not considering how it was made.

He further alleged that he gannared support, love and friendship when he won the 2015 general election, people who didn’t show concern before he won, started showering him with unnecessary gifts and support to build relationship with him as the president then.

Some of his words;

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“Nigeria, believe it or not, we’re an underdeveloped country. We get so impressed by our material things and sometimes ruthlessly don’t care how you make the money…you should be rich, have a fantastic house, flashy cars, going overseas regularly,”.⁣

“I found myself struggling to gain support because Nigerians seem to be impressed more by material success rather than be honored by the less privileged, we’re a fantastic initiative.”⁣ He said.

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin is a Nigerian Journalist and Entertainer. Former reporter Daily Champion Newspaper Lagos. Paternal SO: Enugu State Maternal SO: Anambra State

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