Former president Muhammadu Buhari Reveals Why He Slapped His Presidential Seat Before Handover

Immediate past Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari in an exclusive interview with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) disclosed that he does not miss his time as president of Nigeria and the privileges abound the presidential seat.

He explained that he does not feel dissatisfied by his performance across two-tenure of his presidency despite huge dissatisfaction towards his government from Nigerians.  Responding to the speculations about a powerful cabal hijacking his government, he said such only existed in the imagination of Nigerians.

The former president thereafter spoke about his last moment as Nigeria’s president in Aso Rock. He disclosed that before the handover to president Tinubu, he said goodbye to the presidential seat he used in Aso Rock by “slapping”  it. According to him, it was a unique way to symbolize his parting with the chair and Aso Rock villa.

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