Governor Akeredolu Accuses Buhari Of Injustice, Partiality And Conspiracy Over Amotekun

The governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu released a strong worded statement through his twitter handle in which he accused current Nigeria’s leadership of injustice and conspiracy.

Akeredolu was reacting to a trending video of personnels of Katsina state security outfits wielding licenced A.K47s. He stated that similar security outfit in the Southwestern region, Amotekun have been denied authorization by the Federal Government to carry similar arms.

In the statement he titled: “We Believe In One Nigeria, But We Cannot Have One Country, Two Systems”, Akeredolu argued that such a show of unfairness from the Federal Government amounted to making the residents of the southwestern Nigeria vulnerable and helpless to crop ravaging marauding killer herdsmen.

“Denying Amotekun the right to bear arms exposes the Southwest to life-threatening marauders and organized crime. It is also a deliberate destruction of our agricultural sector. It is an existential threat.

“Denying Amotekun the urgently needed rights, to legitimately bear arms is a repudiation of the basis of true federalism which we have been clamoring for.

“That Katsina was able to arm its state security force, with the display of AK47 means we are pursuing one country, two systems ” solution to the national question.

“We want to reiterate, that what is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. Ondo State government under the doctrine of necessity have decided to fulfil its legal, constitutional and moral duty to the citizens of the State, by acquiring arms to protect them”, the statement read in part.

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