Happie Boys Accuse Pastor Chibuzor Chinyere Of R@pe, Release Proof

Controversial former Chicken Republic gatekeepers, Kelechi and Johnson otherwise known as Happie Boys, have accused pastor Chibuzor Gift Chinyere of the Omega Power Ministries (OPM) of r@ping and impregnating a fourteen year old girl.

Recall that Happie Boys who were sacked by their former employee for dancing while on duty received scholarship from pastor Chibuzor. The duo were later flown to Cyprus were they enrolled in a school to further in their education. However, a few months into their scholarship, the two in a video they shared on the social media handles, accused pastor Chibuzor of reneging on his promises; they alleged that the pastor abandoned them in Cyprus, that they have been evicted from their hostel. Consequently, they announced their decision to severe ties with pastor Chibuzor and his church.

Interestingly, Happie boys have now accused pastor Chibuzor of impregnating an unnamed  fourteen year old girl and shielding it from the public.   According to a post shared by gossipmill on Instagram, Happie Boys claim having documents and audio proof of their allegation against pastor Chibuzor.

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