How A Small Sized Nigerian Man, Efuoma Amos Reportedly Used Charm To Marry Two Beautiful Wives

A Delta State man, Efuoma Amos has been accused of using charm to marry two beautiful ladies. It is rumoured that the said small-sized man married a beautiful woman after his first wife reportedly left over an irreconcilable issue.

People have accused the Mr. Efuoma Amos of using juju to endear himself to women because of his stature and colour which many believe should be repelling women from him rather than attracting them.

However, in his response to the allegation, Mr. Amos noted that he has never used charm to lure women to himself. According to him, he is naturally appearing to women who often pester him.

He recalled his National Youth Service in Ebonyi state where the most beautiful girl in the Ebonyi state NYSC camp took special interest in him.

He said he got married to his first wife in 2018 and remarried in 2022 after his first wife left in 2021.

In his words:

“There are many things I see in my wife that gladdens my heart and makes me to thank God because of the kind of woman he gave me.“I am always admiring her and call her all sort of endearing names such as my sunshine, my mummy, my own. Sometimes I wake up at night just to look at her while she sleeps and thank God.”



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