“How Arise Tv Pleaded For My Help Over Their YouTube channel”, Reno Omokri Exposes Dirty Deal With Arise Tv

Former aide to ex-president Good Luck Ebele Jonathan, Reno Omokri has described Arise Tv as a propaganda tv station that is built on lies.

Reno Omokri was reacting to a self-appraisal by Arise Tv in which the station claimed being the most streamed African tv station as well as a fair and balanced television station.

Reno Omokri who has maintained a longstanding unfriendly relationship with the tv station especially with the station’s popular political analyst, Oseni Rufai, alleged that the tv station is far from the attributes it ascribed to itself.

Reno Omokri further alleged that the Tv station had been sanctioned by YouTube over copyright violation but for his intervention.

“Let me expose @AriseTV. They were almost kicked out of YouTube for copyright violations. They came to me. I intervened, and the copyright owner lifted the copyright infringement. Arise, do you deny this, or do you want me to produce receipts? Your entire station is built on lies. You have no integrity whatsoever! You are an unprofessional propaganda outfit”.

Reno Omokri added that he is ready for any legal action against him by the tv station

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“Please take me to court. Go and investigate. The last person who tried what you attempted to do settled out of court with me, and I used the money to travel around the world”.

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