How Ebuka Obi started Zion Ministry on lies and deceit, deceived Catholic church –Rev Father Kelvin Ugwu



The Zion minister started his ministry under the guise that it is a Catholic ministry. That was the lie that was sold to everyone. Everything they did afterwards was done to maintain and sustain that lie.


This was why some Catholic priests (read powerful priests) were used to authenticate and give credence to that claim.


Then some Catholic practices were introduced to make everyone believe that it is an extension of the Catholic Church. Practices like: Rosary recitation, stations of the cross, Catholic hymns and songs, use of images.. etc. For me, there is nothing wrong with praying the rosary or doing the stations of the cross.


In the early days of the ministry, Masses were said and priests were invited. When the Archbishop of Lagos did not approve of masses being said there, the ministry resorted to going through the back doors to invite priests to say mass. Then on some occasions, some priests were invited, especially those they claim are coming from the US or outside the country, to give testimony to “validate” that the ministry is Catholic and is a place to be.


The problem of the Zion minister started from the beginning, it was founded on deception because if truly he wanted it to be Catholic, he would have listened to the Archbishop and followed the procedure in which such ministry can operate in the church. We all know the Church has rules on all these. But NO, he wanted his thing in his own way (which is not also a problem.) But still, he wanted it to have a touch of Catholic so that simple-minded Catholics would not suspect anything.


Today, there are Sunday services in Zion ministry at a time when Catholics are supposed to go to mass. Then during Lent, they will organize stations of the cross at the same time Catholics are supposed to be at their parishes. Then recently, they have acquired more space for the ministry. So in essence, it is now a full “church.” Why was it difficult for him to just state this fact earlier and save everyone the stress?


Even more worrying is that people who call themselves Catholics will prefer to insult a Catholic priest because he tries to tell them the truth about the ministry they attend and about the minister whom they have now deified.


Everything I say, some of you Zionist will see it as an attack or jealousy. Tomorrow you will say he is a staunch Catholic, even Martin Luther was a staunch Catholic and a priest.


If you read this post and you are an acclaimed Zion member and follower of Ebuka, please, I beg you in the name of Fancha to avoid the temptation of coming here to tell me to rest. I consider it as an insult…also avoid that silly childish voice telling you to type “You are jealous and envious because you don’t bla bla bla.” Don’t be unfortunate! Don’t! Just respect yourself and waka pass.

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