” I Will Never Be Desperate Again In My Life” Actor, Jim Iyke Gives Reason

In a recent chat with with Media Personality, Teju Babyface, actor Jim Iyke revealed how the desperation to see his mother healed, led to him being extorted by six different men of God.

The actor revealed that, his visit to different churches for her mother recovery was fueled by desperation, and the men of God saw that written all over him. So they used that as an opportunity to defraud him through monetary requests.

He further stated that, this is a big lesson to him, never to be desperate again in his life, no matter the condition.

His words;

“The only thing they could do was attack my personality, attack my integrity, I’ll never be desperate again in my life. Desperation was what took me there, to take my mother there, hoping that a man of God, quote and unquote would heal her.

“She lives here day and night, I still have conversations with her, she’s never left. When I’m done praying with God she is the next person, I know how many times my mum appeared to me in dreams, if she were to live twenty TB Joshuas will not stop her”.

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“It was her time, nobody would have made me enter that space, he wasn’t the only one I went to, I have been to five or six men of God, is it because I don’t want to mention names?? How they drove me the money they took from me.” He said.

Watch Video below.

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin

Egungwu Chukwuka Benjamin is a Nigerian Journalist and Entertainer. Former reporter Daily Champion Newspaper Lagos. Paternal SO: Enugu State Maternal SO: Anambra State

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