“I Wish My Mother Aborted Me In Her Womb”, Lady Shares Her Sad Life Story

A Nigerian lady, Omotolani Favour, has through her Twitter handle: @adeoriwrites shared a story she described as nonfiction.

“My mother has hated me right from the womb and I wished that she had aborted the pregnancy. That would have saved Us all these pain I am in. People will always tell me to be happy that I was born, but I can never be.

“It was not my fault that my mother was raped when she was 15 and it’s not my fault that her parents were pastors so they didn’t allow her abort, but she blames me for everything.

“She blames me for ruining her life and for my father’s mistakes and I wonder how that is my fault.

“I didn’t know she was even my mother until I was 10 because I stayed with my grandmother since I was born and I called her sister Kemi like her younger siblings do because I thought she was my sister.

“Wen she was getting married, she came home to tell her mother that she would never tell her husband that she was my mother and that was when I heard that. I was confused but I understood why no one liked me – not even my grandparents. They also blamed me for ruining their child.

“I found out about the rape when I was 14, my grandmother had died and I had moved to my mother’s house with her husband and by now she has had 3 children and I was the slave.

“One day, I was molested by a neighbor and I came crying to my mother, but all my mother could tell me was that I was reaping the seed that my father planted. That since my father was a rapist, I will always be raped too.

“Her husband never knew that she was my mother and whenever she maltreated me in his presence, he was my protector and at some pointed I was maltreated because she accused me of seducing her husband.

“I am 30 with no certificate, no handwork and nowhere to go. She sent me parking today as her husband died a month ago. I think the best thing to do is to do what they couldn’t do years ago and that is to end the trace of my father’s sin”.


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