Investigative Journalist, David Hundeyin Makes More Discovery Of Tinubu’s Dirty Businesses In US

A few weeks after publicizing Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s court trial by an Illinois Northern District Court on the 10th of April, 1993. Records show that the presiding judge,  John A. Nordberg ruled that Bola Tinubu forfeit four hundred and sixty thousand US dollars in a First Heritage Bank which bore Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s name to the United States Government.

David Hundeyin has now made another discovery of how Bola Tinubu was accused of being complicit and beneficiary of Ken Sarowiwa’s travail and subsequent death relating to his environmental activism against Shell Oil

“A reminder that the same Bola Ahmed Tinubu who rebranded himself post-1998 as a “hero of the democratic struggle” was openly despised within NADECO to the point where Nigerians in Washington DC held public demonstrations against him in the 1990s

“The fact that Tinubu was able to own a Shell filling station in DC less than 4 years after he claimed his entire income was $2,400/month as an accountant raises further interesting questions about where all this money came from.(Spoiler alert: It was drugs. Heroin trafficking.)

“Shortly after Abacha died, Gilbert Chagoury, who was Abacha’s primary conduit pipe for laundering stolen state funds became Bola Tinubu’s bestie.

“Facts are very pesky, inconvenient things to those who are committed to selling falsehoods”, he tweeted.

David Hundeyin further shared a screenshot of the alleged protest against Bola Ahmed Tinubu over his alleged complicity to Shell Oil environmental crimes.


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