JUST IN: Building With Over 800 Rooms Collapses In Lagos

On Sunday, 17th September, 2023, a building known as, ‘Agboye Estate’ on Oduntan Street, in the Ketu area of Lagos State, with over 800 rooms and many residents partially collapsed, leading to the hospitalization of two person at a private hospital.

It was alleged that the building started falling on Saturday afternoon, following the rainfall that brought flood in some parts of Lagos.

However, the building finally collapsed on Sunday when residents were trying to pack out their properties. This led to the destruction of another building close to affected one.

Before now, the Lagos State Government partially sealed the building, but later lifted the sanction. Reason behind the seal was due to how inconvenient and dangerous the building was.

It was alleged that residents of the building were contending with scorpions, snakes, other dangerous animals and insects, due to the result of stagnant sewage water at the back of the building.

In the building at least 12 rooms shared one toilet and bathroom. The usage of air conditioners, generators, electric kettles and hosting of social gathering was prohibited by the landlord, Onamo Agboye.

It is further revealed that residents live like prisoners in the building, as the only entrance into the Compound Closes at 11:00 Pm, not considering emergencies.

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