JUST IN: Niger Junta Orders French Ambassador To Depart Before 48Hours

After the refusal of the French ambassador in Niamey to respond to the invitation from the Junta for a meeting on Friday, 25th August, the military government withdrew their approval and support of Sylvain Itte and ordered him to depart their country before 48hours.

The Niger military government also accused the French government of trying to intervene in the current situation in the country, with the aid of their military to bring back the dethroned and arrested former President, Mohamed Bazoum.

Recall that the Economic West Africa States (ECOWAS) imposed heavy economic sanctions due to Coup D’etat in Nigerand also threatened to use their military to fight and restore back democracy in the country.

It was also reported that before now the French government has 1,500 troops stationed in Niger to aid in fighting jihadist groups.

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