Kannywood Actor, Ali Nuhu Mohammed Threatens Davido Over “Controversial Muslin Music Video”

As controversy trails Davido’s signee’s music video which he shared on his social media handle, Kannywood actor, Ali Nuhu Mohammed has appealed to the singer to take down the music video.

In an undiplomatic manner which suggested that the Kannywood actor is appealing to Muslim faithful to boycott Davido’s content, stated on his social media handle that what the controversial music video depicts is “unacceptable in Islam”. He argued that content Creator’s creativity and drive to thrive must not trample on people’s tradition and religious belief.

However, there have been defence for Davido as well as the music video which shows some Muslim adherent praying at a mosque. Many have accused those who described the music video as distasteful of hypocrisy and fanning religious division.

“I just came across the controversial video by @davido, as much we want to be creative in our various fields we should learn to respect other people’s religion, culture and tradition. This is totally unacceptable in Islam. You should pull down that video and apologize for hurting the entire Muslim ummah”, Ali Nuhu Mohammed wrote.

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