Mohbad’s father to be arrested over destruction of evidence and for protecting Naira Marley “, ID Cabasa

Popular Disk Jockey and music producer, Olumide Ogunade better known as ID Cabasa accuses Mohbad’s father of destroying evidence as well as defending Naira Marley.

According to Cabasa, Mohbad’s father while granting an interview exonerated Naira Marley of having a hand in the death of Mohbad by stating: “Naira only showed his seniority. His ears were blocked, and (he) didn’t listen. Naira gave me his number about a year ago, but I have not been able to reach him. Naira is not a bad person or the type that would kill him. He only showed him who’s the boss”.

He added that Mohbad’s father by hastily burying the remains of deceased son, races suspicion especially as his son was a Christian whose faith does not forbid delayed interment.

“This man (MohBad’s father) is going to bury loads of evidence which elsewhere he should have been arrested and probably put behind bars,” ID Cabasa stated.

“Yes,” ID Cabasa answered when a fan asked if the police should have brought in Naira Marley for questioning. “He should have been invited. He happened to be the boss. We are seeing all of those videos.”

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