Mohbad’s friend who was with him on Sunday and is being accused of killing him, narrates what happened (video)

The Reliant News has obtained a video of a man, Prime Boy who confirmed in a video he shared on social media that he was a childhood friend of deceased singer, Mohbad and that he was with the singer on Sunday before his eventual passing on.

In an emotional manner, he tearfully narrated that Mohbad positively affected his life by according him different assistance. Reacting to the speculation of the singer being m3rdered, the Prime Boy disclosed that he is also being accused of being responsible for the singer’s death.

He explained in the video which is embedded below that Mohbad consumed excess alcohol during his show on Sunday and the alcohol disturbed him before his eventual passing away. He said his claims can be confirmed by Mohbad’s wife who also accompany Mohbad to the show in Ikorodu on Sunday.


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