Mr. Ibu’s Manager, Chochoo Reveals The Actual Reason His Leg Was Cut Off Despite Seven Surgeries

Chochoo former manager of popular comic actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu has revealed why the actor’s leg was amputated despite series of surgeries to avoid amputating the leg.

Recall that a few weeks actor, Mr. Ibu in a Video while he was in a Nigerian hospital sent a public call for help over his health. The actor stated that he does not want his leg to be amputated. He said some medical experts have suggested alternative to amputation but which required huge funds.

However, despite the public donations to Mr. Ibu, it was later confirmed that the said leg has been amputated despite series of surgeries carried on it.

In his revelation, Mr. Ibu’s former manager, Chochoo disclosed that the reason Mr. Ibu’s leg was amputated is because one of the  arteries in the distressed leg was badly infected and could not be remedied despite seven surgeries.

According to him, the condition went undetected for long resulting in blood not flowing into the affected part due to the infected artery in his ankle.

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“Blood wasn’t flowing into the leg, which was not detected on time. When it was, it had become too late, causing the doctors to decide on the amputation,” Chochoo explained.

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