MSL players’ mothers protest against Lionel Messi, file official complaint against him

A few Major Soccer League players’ mothers have registered their displeasure with Lionel Messi who moved to MSL from French League 1 barely two months ago.

Messi’s remarkable contribution to his club, Inter Miami earned the club its first trophy amid its unimpressive outings before Lionel Messi’s arrival.

However, not everyone is happy with Lionel Messi who has been accused of overshadowing MSL players, making the once impressive players appear below average by his fine performances for Inter Miami.

Hence, Jack M Glynn’s mother is one of the prominent names behind the anti-Messi advocacy. Messi is accused of possessing super football skills which are too good for the MSL players. He is advised to leave MSL to another league that matches his super talent.

Statement credited to the women: Jack McGlynn’s mother (Philadelphia player): “It’s not fair, since Messi joined Inter Miami. Everyone can’t stop him, and he’s so much better than our kids that they start to feel bad about themselves.”

An Orlando City player’s mother: “Messi is a great player, but it’s a matter of justice. He really has to play against people at his own skill level and stop making our kids feel superior to them.”

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