Native Doctor, Akwa Okuko Reveals Why He Did Not Disappear When Kidnappers Ambushed Him

Popular Anambra based native doctor, Akwa Okuko Tiwaraki who on Saturday, 29th of July, regained freedom from his abductors, has shared the reason he failed to disappear when the kidnappers ambushed him.

The celebrity native doctor, narrated that he had arrived at the hotel which he owns a few minutes before the development. According to him, one of his friends had called him over the phone while he was in his house to inform him that he consumed food and drinks in his hotel worth 300,000. He said he decided to join his friend at the hotel so as to help cover some of his bill. A few minutes after his arrival, he heard several gunshots by the kidnappers who k!lled two of his guard.

Speaking on why he failed to disappeared despite having the supernatural ability to do so, Akwa Okuko stated that the kidnappers who shot two of his bodyguards de@sd, also shot severally at him and that the bullets did not penetrate his body. He said he did not disappear because he never wanted to endanger the lives of those with him especially as two of his guards had been shot

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