Netizens Dig Up Nnamdi Kanu’s Unprintable Dirty Allegations Against Tinubu (Video)

Following the outcome of Atiku’s sought for validation of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Chicago State University Diploma Certificate, Nigerians have revisited a podcast by Nnamdi Kanu in which he made different unsavoury claims about president Tinubu.

As the discrepancies in president Tinubu’s CSU diploma certificate were brought to bare, notable Nigerians have called for the sitting Nigerian president to stepdown in consequence so as to redeem the already dented image of the country, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu prior to his incarceration, did alleged that president Tinubu forged his CSU statement.

In the said now viral podcast, Mazi Kanu alleged that president Tinubu was a “notorious drug pusher” whose identity is replete of fraud. Kanu was referring to the president Tinubu’s 1992 drug money forfeiture trial in which he forfeited $460,000 to the US government adjudged as proceed of illicit drugs.

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