Netizens Mock Pastor Adeboye As Prophecy of Man Who Faulted His Prayer Comes To Pass

Reactions have trailed a prayer by Pastor Adeboye in which he declared that the free falling Nigeria Naira must regain its economic strength.

Pastor Adeboye in his prayer tweeted on his verified Twitter handle, insinuated that the International Monetary Funds(IMF) might be responsible for the unseen forces crippling Nigeria’s naira locally and international. Hence, he prayed the value of naira will come at the expense of the wish of the IMF.

However, a Twitter user @Ojdesigner1 was quick to counter the prayer by the popular pastor.Pastor Adeboye was reminded by Ojdesigner1 that the value of naira rising has nothing to do with prayers but a change of government economic policies. He thereafter forecasted  further fall of naira that it will exchange for 1,200 to a dollar.

Interestingly, as the Naira continuous to fall in value, exchanging close to 1200 to a dollar, netizens revisited Ojdesigner1’s response to pastor Adeboye and resorted to criticizing him.


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