New Twist In Favour Ibex And Maxy Michael’s Fight As Favour Ibex Makes New Revelation About His Ex-Fiance, Amaka Gift

It appears the controversy between popular pianist, Maxy Michael and Favour Ibex is about to take another interesting twist.

Recall that Favour Ibex had accused his former fiancee, Amaka Gift of jilting him by abandoning him for Maxy Michael. Favour Ibex in his original claims online, alleged that he was the brain behind Amaka Gift’s rise in the gospel music industry including funding her schooling on the ground that they would get married to each other.

On his own part, Maxy Michael had rebuffed Favour Ibex’s claim about him snatching his fiancee. He explained that Favour Ibex had denied being in a relationship with Amaka Gift and had given them a go-ahead at the outset of the relationship.

However, a few weeks after, Favour Ibex has threatened Maxy Michael with legal suit over his allegation that he (Favour Ibex) violated Amaka Gift when they were in a relationship. He warned Maxy Michael to stop making such claims about him as he is ready to sue him should he not discontinue.

“If I had subjected My Ex fiancé to domestic violence for 9years, as Maxy claimed on video, she will not had been doing so well and looking good to the attraction of Maxy Michael”, he wrote on his Facebook page.

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‘If Maxy Michel does not stop, he will hear from my lawyers. Enough is Enough, I have never confronted or had any issues with Maxy Michael all these while, I only blamed my ex fiancée and Artist for letting me down.

“What Maxy Michael does not know is that the name Amaka Gift is not the real name but my brand name which I cooked up and built from scratch with millions.

“As one I had loved and had future plans with I left her Access to money for her upkeeps and logistics”.

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