Outrage As Mohbad’s Personal DJ, Ajisegiri Ayobami Reveals How The Singer Fainted And Vomited Blood Before His Death

Ajisegiri Ayobami who was a personal disk jockey to deceased singer, Mohbad told corona inquest that the singer fainted and vomited blood before his passing. 

Ajisegiri Ayobami who appeared narrated that the singer collapsed immediately he was given an injection by a nurse who wasn’t his personal nurse. He said the nurse was contacted after all effort to reach his personal nurse failed.

He told the court that the deceased singer had a little wound in his hand which swole when they got home; hence, the reason a nurse was contacted.

The witness narrated further that he had left the scene to get mop so as to clean water on the floor where Mohbad was being treated before he got a call from Mohbad’s wife that he should return.

At his return, the singer had been carried into a neighbour’s car that would convey his listless body to an unnamed hospital.

 In his words: “The nurse said we should go and get him drugs; while we were at the pharmacy, I called the house to know how he was feeling, and they said I should come back. “When I got back, they were already outside trying to put him in a neighbour’s car to get him to the hospital, but the way I saw him, he was lifeless, his eyes were closed, and his hands were falling. “While we were going to the hospital, there was traffic, so I came down from the other vehicle and ran to the hospital; I asked them if they had an ambulance, and they said no. Before I could get back to them, I saw them bringing Mohbad on a bike, and when we got to the hospital he was confirmed dead,” he said.

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